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Omit Vowels & Pronounce Word Endings as Fast as You Can in Order to Sound British!

Hello my dear accent learning enthusiasts!

I’m back with another British accent or the so-called Received Pronunciation video, and this time around I’m going to tell you how to pronounce word endings and omit vowels in longer words in order to sound like a native British English speaker!

This piece of advice is quite easy to implement – all you have to do is literally SPIT OUT the last couple of syllables of every longer word you pronounce.

What constitutes a ‘longer word’?

Let’s look at the this article and pick out a few words that would have to be pronounced by ‘spitting out’ so that you can clearly see what’s a short and what’s a long word for the purposes of this particular technique you have to use.




Now, the way you should aim to pronounce these words is the following:




What I’m saying now might sound like a gross exaggeration, but that’s exactly how native British English speakers would pronounce those words!

So, watch the video above to see what other sample words I’ve prepared for you, and please pardon me for a few mistakes I might be making during the video. I’m a foreign English speaker after all, and it’s only understandable that my speech wouldn’t be 100% perfect.

Perfection, however, isn’t something I’m aiming for; I just want to do well enough in terms of my British accent learning to pass as a British English speaker – not necessarily a NATIVE one!

Chat soon,

Robby 😉

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