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Accent Genie American Pronunciation Program

Improving English Pronunciation & Accent

Accent Genie American Pronunciation Program

Q: What is this product all about and how can it help me acquire American accent?

A: Accent Genie American Pronunciation Program is an interactive video course and it teaches any English speaker – be it a foreign or a native one – to speak with the General American Pronunciation.
It will help you acquire authentic American Accent via mimicking recorded American voice and repeating specifically selected sentences till the desired result is achieved!

Q: I’m a non-native English speaker, will Accent Genie Program work for me?

A: Absolutely! This program will work for any English speaker irrespective of his or her national background. The only pre-requisite is the ability to speak in English, Accent Genie will take care of the rest!

Q: Do I have to speak 100% fluent English before I can use this product?

A: Your level of spoken English would have to be upper-intermediate at least for the best results, but you can also use this program if your oral fluency is lower-intermediate because during the Accent Genie lessons you’ll also learn a great deal of colloquial American phrases and expressions thus increasing your overall fluency.

Q: What does Accent Genie Program consist of?

A: It consists of 30 accent training videos hosted on a remote server; each lesson consists of up to 12 specifically selected unique sentences which have been included in dialogues to resemble real-life conversations. The total number of repetitions is 1800, but you can use any individual lesson as many times as you want! I’ve also introduced a series of special symbols to help you focus on the key American sounds thus wiring them into your mouth.

Q: How will I access the Accent Genie program?

A: Right after the completion of the purchase by your PayPal account or Credit Card you’ll gain access to your unique member’s area where all Accent Genie videos are hosted as well as all help files and detailed instructions as to how the lessons are used for best results.

Q: Can I use Accent Genie on my iPad or MacBook Pro?

A: Yes, you can use this American Pronunciation Program on any device that can access the Internet – laptop, PC, iPad, MacBook Pro – you name it! The only thing you may have to do in order to get the videos work in case they’re not working properly – please install the Puffin Browser and log into the Accent Genie members area via the Puffin Browser – that way the videos will work!

Improving English Pronunciation & Accent

Q: What is this Accent Adventure website all about?

A: I’m a non-native English speaker, and I don’t care about my hard foreign accent. One day, however, I decided to prove to myself and the world that I can just learn to speak like an American and Brit, so that’s what this blog is about – how ANY foreigner can learn ANY English accent easily and fast enough!

Q: How can you help me improve my English pronunciation?

A: You can watch videos I publish on this blog where I’m elaborating on a lot of things that will also help you develop your target accent – be it British or American, or indeed – both! Also, I’m publishing regular articles about different aspects of English pronunciation and accent improvement, and you’re bound to find plenty of useful advice in them for yourself!

Q: What accents have you learned and which ones do you plan to learn in the future?

A: I’ve learned to speak like an American and like a British English speaker, but I don’t plan to take on any more accents in the near future. I want to develop my American and British to near-perfection, so it will definitely take me a good while!

Q: My English pronunciation is terrible, can you help me speak fluently?

A: Let me stop you right there! This is the biggest misconception a lot of people make – mistaking lack of proper pronunciation for lack of fluency. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth! Just because you can’t speak with a proper accent, doesn’t mean you’re not fluent; as a matter of fact, there are plenty of foreigners who speak in English 100% fluently yet their pronunciation is pretty bad!
So my answer is – maybe you need to analyze your speech a little bit and you’ll realize your speech is fluent, and that will immediately cheer you up. THEN you can think about your accent and pronunciation, but NEVER EVER allow yourself to think that your English isn’t fluent just because you speak with a hard foreign accent!

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