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A Foreigner On a Mission To Speak English With a Native Accent!

Hello, my name is Robby, and I’m a foreign English speaker – as you can definitely tell by my foreign accent in the video above!

Are you a foreign English speaker as well? If so, you’ll definitely find this blog very entertaining because I’m going to attempt to learn various English language accents from all around the world ❗

You see, my personal belief is that as far as you speak clearly and people understand you, accent and pronunciation play a secondary role. My own English pronunciation is made up of American, Irish and East-European accents, but I couldn’t care less because I can speak English fluently and that’s what matters most.

The reason why I’m going to learn American, British, Irish, Australian and other English accents is to prove that accent learning is just another acquired skill and that in order to sound like a native English speaker you don’t have to focus on reducing your own native accent.

I believe the reality is quite simple in fact – you just have to learn how English words are spoken by a certain group of native English speakers, and by listening and repeating the whole accent and pronunciation thing becomes much easier to learn!

By now I have experimented a little bit with American and Irish pronunciation and from what I can tell, learning to speak English with a certain accent seems like a realistic and manageable task, and I’ll start my first accent learning mission very soon.

My First Accent Mission – General American Pronunciation!

For a while I couldn’t really decide which accent I should go for and I was hesitating between the American and Irish pronunciation. American because it’s the most popular pronunciation judging by what I’ve been reading online and Irish because I live in Ireland myself.

Well, eventually I decided to give the American pronunciation a go so that’s what I’m going to do within the next couple of months here on AccentAdventure.com!

Of course, there is no such thing as an American accent; instead we have to talk about dozens of different accents depending on the geographical location. President Obama, for example, speaks with a Midwest accent, Robert de Niro is a New Yorker, and then there’s the Southern accent, Californian… And then of course, there are hundreds of different accents branching out from the main ones, but as you can imagine I can’t start my first accent learning mission with something very specific!

That’s why my first mission is to learn the General American Pronunciation which can be equalled to the British Received Pronunciation in terms of being considered the standard broadcast and media language of the country. Basically within the next couple of months I want to be able to speak English in a way so that anyone can immediately tell that I sound like an American English speaker!

I’m going to post plenty of my accent progress videos here on my blog, and you’ll be able to follow my accent adventures, comment on them and hopefully learn from my experiences!

So stay tuned and we’ll meet again in the first video of my General American Pronunciation mission!

Chat soon,

Robby 😉

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  • https://sites.google.com/site/moviesandenglish Francisco Javier

    This is a great blog, Robby. I’m looking forward to your entries.

    I speak with a British accent because that’s the accent I learned since I started school. Most teachers in Europe, I believe, will teach British English due to the proximity of the United Kingdom and all the teaching material produced by Oxford and Cambridge.

    All the best in your new accent adventure!

    • accentrobby

      Thanks Francisco!

      I’m also excited about this blog and hopefully it’s going to generate as much interest as English Harmony at some stage in the future.

      Speaking of the British accent – it’s the next I’m planning to tackle, so we’ll see how good I’m going to be at sounding like an Englishman! 😉


  • Anastacia

    Hi ROBBY!!! It is a nice idea!!! I would be glad to follow this project and find out something new from ur experiance!!! Actually, I love watching videos how native speakers imitate other accents. I hope I will learn how to imitate other accents through ur project!!! :)))))))))))))

    • accentrobby

      Hi Anastacia,

      Thanks for the comment!

      I love your enthusiasm and all those exclamation marks in your comments, it’s really nice having you comment on my blogs and also Facebook. You’re literally EVERYWHERE!!!! :-)

      Speaking of this project, it’s a little bit different from English Harmony in that I’m LEARNING a skill; when I started English Harmony I was already a fluent English speaker and I could offer loads of advice right off the bat.

      On this blog I haven’t got much to offer at the moment, but I think in a year’s time or even sooner I’ll have learnt enough for others to start heeding to my advice.

      I won’t let you down! 😉

      Chat soon,


  • http://www.getintoenglish.com David

    Hi Robby

    Congratulations on your new project! I think it’s a great idea, and something which we can all follow with great interest.

    We haven’t yet spoken over the phone but I’ll be curious if you can mimic my accent. I’ve lived in 7 or so countries, so I’ve lost some of my Aussie-ness. Of course Brits can still tell I’m from Australia, but Americans don’t know at all lol.

    Btw I actually prefer the way this site looks to the other one – you may well find this one becomes the popular new baby :)


    • accentrobby

      Thanks a lot David!

      I’m also hoping this idea of learning different English language accents turns out to be a success and that I’ll be able to encourage my fellow foreigners to follow in my footsteps and learn along!

      Speaking of mimicking your accent – well, I’m sure I could get a few sentences right but the bigger challenge is to maintain a long conversation in the target accent! I know for a fact that it’s quite easy to mimic a few word sentences because I’ve been doing that myself during this mission, but as I said – when you pronounce more than just a few words, your old speech habits kick in and you’ve got to be quite mindful of the way you pronounce words.

      Anyway, thanks for the comment and I’m glad you like the look and feel of this new blog. I also hope this new baby of mine becomes at least as successful as English Harmony; I’ve got a lot of work to do to achieve that.

      Chat soon,