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FGC Goal #1: American Phrase #12: SAY WHAT?

Current Goal: Learn 50 American Phrases in 25 Days!

Hello my friends!

Today’s my sixth day into the mission to learn 50 new American English phrases, and today’s phrase SAY WHAT? is 100% conversational – as opposed to other phrases I’ve learned so far which can be used both when speaking AND writing.

The phrase “It was a long shot, for example, can just as easily be used when writing a news article or a report, but you won’t really find any use to SAY WHAT? when writing for a couple of reasons:

  • This kind of a phrase can ONLY be used in very informal conversations; if you speak like this to higher standing people and also to those who you’re not very closely related, you’ll be sounding a bit rude, to say the least!
  • You won’t find any practical need to use this phrase in writing because it’s ONLY of any value when quoting actual people’s speech!

So, unless you’re a writer or a novelist, you’ll be only ever using this phrase SAY WHAT? when you don’t understand what your close friend or some of your family member asks you.

And it is, by the way, exactly how I intend to use this phrase myself! When I go back to work after this weekend, I’ll definitely make sure to use it whenever a fitting occasion arises!

Thanks for dropping by,

Robby 😉

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