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FGC Goal #1: American Slang Phrase #6 – IT WAS A LONG SHOT!

Current Goal: Learn 50 American Phrases in 25 Days!

Hello everyone who aspires to acquire some American phraseology and improve their American pronunciation at the same time!

Today’s my 3rd day in my 25 day mission to learn 50 new American English phrases, and there’s only one thing I can say – so far, so good! 😀

I’m reading my English fiction and as I go along, I cherry-pick the best slang expressions with the prospect of including them into my list of 50 American slang expressions.

In case you’re wondering HOW exactly I’m choosing those phrases – here’s a short list of criteria those phrases have to match to be considered valid candidates:

Today’s phrase – IT WAS A LONG SHOT – is definitely going to be useful to me, and I can’t actually wait to use it in a real conversation with my work colleague. I’m pretty sure such a situation will arise at some point in the near future for the simple reason that I discuss a wide variety of subjects with my colleague on a daily basis!

Now, watch the video above, and you may also want to do some spoken English self-practice in order to cement the phrase – IT WAS A LONG SHOT – into your active vocab.

Chat soon,

Robby 😉

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  • Torko

    Hey Robby, would like to tell me, how to choose phrases, idioms, expression, when i am reading? I have a problem,i am not sure, how to choose them, i mean, i can’t recognized them in a book.

    • accentrobby

      I’d suggest you not to choose them at a conscious level if it presents you big difficulties – I mean, you’re going to ruin your reading experience by being way too focused on finding expressions and phrases in the book content!

      Just forget about it for a while, clear your head, and then go about it this way:

      1) Every time you read something YOU HAVEN’T READ BEFORE, make a MENTAL note of it (you may also want to jot it down). It can be a new word (only make sure you write it with other words it goes with) or a whole sentence, doesn’t matter.

      2) If you come across THE SAME THING again and again, it’s a pretty clear indication that it’s worth memorizing it because it repeats quite often.

      Now, please bear in mind – your main guideline in choosing those phrases is to go for something you HAVEN’T COME ACROSS BEFORE, is all!!! You don’t have to try to define whether it’s an idiom, a collocation or what not!