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FGC Goal #1: American Slang Phrase #4 – HAVE YOU A BEEF WITH ME?

Current Goal: Learn 50 American Phrases in 25 Days!

Hello my friends foreign English speakers!

In this video I’m focusing on the following American slang phrase: HAVE YOU A BEEF WITH ME?

In this particular context the word “beef” simply means “a problem”, so the whole question essentially sends the following message across to your conversation partner:

Have you a problem with me?

Obviously there are many different situations when you may have to use this phrase:

  • Unavoidable physical confrontation;
  • Situation when somebody’s been argumentative with you for quite some time and you want to settle the matter once and for all;
  • Your friend has been ignoring you for a while and you want to ask him/her if they have any problems with you;
  • and many more.

The most important thing, however, is to learn this EXACT phrase – HAVE YOU A BEEF WITH ME? – so that you can USE it whenever a fitting situation presents itself.

Now, having said this, I also hope that you don’t have to use this phrase too often. I hope you’re surrounded with like-minded people most of the time who you don’t have to argue with!

Chat to you tomorrow,

Robby 😉

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