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FGC Goal #1: American Collocation #13: RUNNING JOKE

Current Goal: Learn 50 American Phrases in 25 Days!

Hello my dear fellow foreign English speakers and also the odd native English speaker who might be following me here on my Accent Adventures!

I had to skip a day in terms of posting these daily American English phrases for the simple reason that I had to publish an update on my mission and shoot a video where I’m using all 12 phrases I’ve acquired so far.

Click HERE to watch the video on my English Harmony Blog!

Now I’m back on track, and today’s American phrase – or collocation, to be more specific – is a RUNNING JOKE.

A RUNNING JOKE is something that happens on a regular basis in TV shows and programs, for instance, and a typical example of that would be Susan Mayer being laughed at for being dumped in Desperate Housewives, or – if you’re not familiar with the said TV show – Kenny being killed in each and every single one of the South Park episodes.

You don’t necessarily have you be watching TV to witness RUNNING JOKES, however. Our lives are full with such regular funny occurrences, and if you think about it for some time, I’m sure you’ll think of something you could refer to as a RUNNING JOKE in your life.

As always, you’re welcome to watch the video above where I’m speaking with the General American Pronunciation AND discussing a couple of RUNNING JOKES from my personal experiences.

Chat soon,

Robby 😉

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