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Asking Readers: Do You Want Me to Go Back to British English?

I’ve been speaking with the American Pronunciation for a long, long time now.

As a matter of fact, the last video I recorded with me speaking with the British accent or the so-called Received Pronunciation was 10 months ago and it seems like a lifetime away – you can check it out HERE.

Now, having said all this I have to admit I truly enjoyed my British Accent mission and for the most part my enjoyment was derived from the fact that initially I thought I wouldn’t be able to manage the Received Pronunciation whereas in the end it turned out to be not as hard of an accent.

Still, American English kind of appeals to me a bit more (you can read 5 reasons as to why I love the American English HERE), so currently I’m facing the following dilemma:

Should I Focus on the American English on this Blog OR Should I Do Both – British AND American?

So basically it boils down to choosing whether I’m going to alternate between the two main English accents – American and British – or I’m going to stick with what I love most – the American Pronunciation.

And that’s the question I’m asking you, my dear blog reader!

Please take a few seconds of your time and post it in the comments section below and let me know whether you’re interested in American or British English, and that way I’ll be able to decide what I should do on this blog in the future!

You see – after all, it’s YOU who I’m running this blog for, so in case if the interest about the British Pronunciation is huge, I will most definitely revisit my British English and write more cool stuff about it as well as making new videos.

So, please let me know in the comments section below if you’re interested in:

  • American English
  • British English
  • Both American and British English

pronunciation related information, and I’ll be really, really grateful for your feedback ❗


Robby 😉

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  • http://accentadventure.com hamza

    robby as you suggested that english is made up of word chunks and phrases ,but i don,t know where i could find them which can realy help me in speaking if you have your own site on that problem then plz give it to me or launch a video on that plz robby rply fast this thing is messing with me

  • Sunny Liu

    Hi Robby,
    I respect your choice and in fact i prefer American english because it is simpler to understand and easy to find good websites or sources to learn!

    I began to study British English in Grade 6 which is our educational body’s choice! Later in college i gradually access to American English! and for me it is much easier and popular!

    Now i speak English with mixed accent(British, American and Chinese) , i think!
    Difficult points for me :
    1. pronunciation: fun, run, ran, singer, hanger, hanging over, really, usually, all the, such an easy (how to link), favourite songs (maybe sound change ts), dictioNary( N is pronunced TWICE?) you’re.
    all in all, it’s about Linking, drop of sounds, sound changes, contractions, stressed & unstressed etc.
    2. Ups and Downs (intonation) , when to up and when to down for our pitch. i know for the statement and wh-questions usually fall at the end. but what about the beginning and middle of the sentence?
    Robby, you may have good idea! yes?

    and i follow one of your good advice using english to learn new things. for several months i’d like to visit Color Me Beautiful website and prettyyour world website to learn the proper dressing color and style knowledge. By the way, have you ever done any color and style analysis in CMB’s office?

    chat soon,

    Sunny Liu

    • accentrobby

      Hi Sunny Liu,

      Sorry for the late response, somehow I missed this comment! 😉

      Speaking of all the problem words you mentioned in your comment – I’ll try to look at them at some stage in the near future.

      As for the CMB website – I haven’t actually done any analysis in relation to color and style!



  • Carlos Alberto

    I really prefer British accent. But you must not abandone what you are more comfortable with, I mean to say, American accent. Thanks for asking!

  • yves

    In my mind i think General American is very interesting.

    • accentrobby

      Thanks, that’s another one if favor of American Accent, I really appreciate your feedback!

  • Raynes

    I think you should stick with General American. RP is outdated and lost its importance.

    • accentrobby

      When I say RP, I don’t really mean the typical Queen’s English; for me RP represents the common characteristics of the way most British people speak.

      Basically when I say RP or British Accent, I mean English as it’s spoken in British films, for example.

      I’m not as strict in terms of accents as to draw distinct lines between RP, Estuary English etc – to me speaking with RP means just to say that I’m speaking with British accent as opposed to General American.

      Thanks for your input anyway, much appreciated!



  • Milton Raimundo dos Santos

    Hi Robby How´ve you been there?

    I really prefer the American accent. Thanks for your attention. I forward to hearing about you again.
    All the best,

    Milton Raimundo dos Santos
    [email protected]

    • accentrobby

      Hi Milton,

      Thanks, I’m doing all right!

      I have to say that I also prefer the American accent overall, however, the feedback has been mixed and many people would like to hear me doing the British accent again, so I simply have no option but to do both – American and British accent! 😉

      Thanks for your feedback,



  • Hazem

    Hi Robby,

    Many thanks for all your videos and advice. They are quality ones indeed.
    My preference is BRITISH ACCENT ALL THE WAY! (a bit excited;))

    • accentrobby

      Thanks Hazem – another one in favour of the British Accent! Looks like I can’t abandon it after all!

  • Sergio Rodrigues

    As for me, I’d prefer you could stick to the American, the one I am more fa,iliar with, no matter how charming British accent may be for some people

    • accentrobby

      Thanks Sergio for the feedback, much appreciated!

  • Julia

    Hi Robby! Thanks a lot for all the work you’ve done for your readers and followers, as you’ve done it great! As for me, so I hope to enjoy both American and British English pronunciation!

    • accentrobby

      Thanks Julia! I’m really glad you enjoy my blog, and as a matter of fact, it seems to me that I will keep doing both – American and British because the overwhelming majority of commentators here and on YouTube want me to continue to do British as well!

  • helio

    My year prefer american accent. I bought your lessons

    • accentrobby

      Thanks Helio, and I hope you’re making good progress with your pronunciation – don’t hesitate to ask me anything you may have issues with!

  • Jozsef

    Hi Robby,

    I live in London, so I prefer if you teach British English for us.


    • accentrobby

      Thanks Jozsef, that’s another vote in favour of British English, thanks for your feedback!

  • sergey

    Howdy Robby!
    I have to say that all what you do, you do very well. I’m your follower on EH, twitter, You Tube, etc. I’m trying to improve my English only because I want to understand it , and just to be sure that other people will understand my style of English.(”my style”, well said, LOL) The different accents are not a big deal for me. Though, American accent is easier to understand and pronounce for me. However, my British friend says that I sound like an American tipsy cowboy, slightly funny but not bad. Anyway, I can’t give you good advice, I’m not a specialist at English. It’s only your choice. I wish you luck on your way. By the by, thanks for your offer about Skype speaking lesson . I’ll keep it in mind. I have to sort out some of my problems, and then it’ll be very interesting.

    • accentrobby

      Thanks for the comment Sergey, I really appreciate you taking time and posting it here!

      Also a big thanks for the positive feedback – it’s so nice to know there are people out there who follow my videos and articles and find them useful… Makes the whole thing worthwhile! 😉

      And of course – if you ever decide, you can book a Skype session with me http://fluencystar.com/ – currently I’m just about to start it so needless to say I’m freaking out a bit but it’s a good thing because deep down inside I know I’m ready to actually help people in a face-to-face contact situation!

      Chat soon,


  • http://none Bonnie

    Hi Robby,
    Am so greatfull and appreciate your help so much.
    I personally would want you to continue doing both………Again, thanks.

    • accentrobby

      Thanks Bonnie!

      It actually looks like majority of commentators are in favour of British Accent anyway, so most likely I will keep doing both American and British English! 😉



  • Santha Kumar

    Dear Robby

    I live in London. So I like to study British accent. Thanks for your help.

    • accentrobby

      Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated!

  • Amol Dixit

    As a non native speaker of English language, I think that you shoud go with both RP as well as American. Because we the non native speakers need to know both.But above all RP is more necessary.

    • accentrobby

      Thanks Amol, yes, I guess you’re right – it would be of great advantage to all non-native speakers to be aware of both ways of pronouncing the English language. Also thanks for pointing out RP for you is more necessary – thanks a lot for the feedback, I’ll bear that in mind!

  • Nadezhda

    Robby, hi!
    At the Institute I learnt British English pronunciation (I studied at the faculty of foreign languages – English & German), so it is nearer to me and more comprehensive. When I hear the Americans’ speech I have some difficulties in understanding American English pronunciation. May be it is worth learning/teaching both pronunciations at the same time. I really do not know. Probably it is better to summerize opinions of other students and make a conclusion. Good luck!

    • accentrobby

      Thanks a lot Nadezhda, I really appreciate your feedback, you just helped me greatly!!!