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The EXACT Moment of Going Back to British Accent After 10 Months…

Thanks everyone who contributed into blog by leaving comments on the previous blog post where I asked if I should stick with the American Pronunciation for ever OR I should also re-visit the British Accent which I finished doing 10 months ago.

The overwhelming majority of commentators wanted me to do both – American and British, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

I’m going to go back to the British accent and regain my ability to speak with it fluently, and then I’m going to maintain both – American AND British the whole time.

My ultimate goal?

Being able to speak with both accents equally well, and also teaching my audience a thing or two about acquiring native-like pronunciation.

So, without a further ado I’m jumping into the British accent, so please watch the video above where I’m simply going to speak with the British accent WITHOUT ANY PREPARATION WHATSOEVER ❗

There’s plenty of hesitation and mistakes, and needless to say – the American Pronunciation is constantly creeping back into my speech which is only natural… After all – I’ve spent the last 10 months speaking with the American accent exclusively, so no wonder it’s become my second nature.

Please let me know what you think about this first attempt of mine to speak with the British accent in the comments section below!


Robby 😉

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  • jenny

    I was wondering why you’ve wanted to speak with an american accent if do not live in the USA.
    I think you have a knack for accents but it’s better to speak with an accent/dialect of the place where you live to blend in.
    I live in Canada and have gotten pretty good at north american accent.

    Good luck with your accents:)

    • accentrobby

      Hi Jenny,

      You can read the reasons why I’m learning various accents here on my about me page: http://accentadventure.com/about/

      And thanks for the good wishes! 😉