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Today My American Accent Experienced a SUDDEN Leap Upwards!

I’ve been constantly working on my American pronunciation.

I do a lot of spoken self-practice and I constantly try to mimic American English speakers on TV and YouTube.

A few days ago, however, I thought my American accent was getting even worse despite my frequent practice… You think I gave up? You think I thought – “Ah well, I keep at it for a long time, and yet my pronunciation even deteriorates? It’s just a waste of time!”?

Now way ❗

I persevered.

I kept practicing my American accent even though on certain occasions I was close to losing the faith in myself and my ability as an English speaker.

And then it happened.


I was engaged in a spoken English self-practice session and all of a sudden my mouth literally started pronouncing words with an impeccable American pronunciation! 😀

Well, when you watch the video above you’ll most likely notice the foreign accent in my speech, and I know for a fact there’s still a long way to go to sound JUST like a native American English speaker.

Still, the change in the way I spoke with the American accent was so noticeable for me (I mean – I felt some kind of a sixth sense guiding my mouth) and so exciting that I tried to capture my pronunciation in the video above and you’re more than welcome to check it out and tell me what you think about my American pronunciation!

By the way – if you ask me why this sudden change happened, then here’s what I think.

I believe that all those long hours of practice don’t necessarily tell on my pronunciation right away. All that hard work contributed may kind of stay dormant and then suddenly manifest itself when you least expect it!

So, if you’re working on your American pronunciation as well and you’re going through a period when nothing seems to be working – don’t despair.

You’re almost guaranteed to experience the same buzz as I did today, and needless to say the feeling is just AMAZING! :-)

Thanks for reading,

Robby 😉

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