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7 English Words to Make You Sound American!

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Hello my friends from YearOfEnglish.com!

This is me – Robby from EnglishHarmony.com – but this time around you’re getting to see the other side of me which is Robby from AccentAdventure.com – a blog where I’m blogging and vlogging about English pronunciation and accent improvement related matters!

Now, if you watch the video above you’ll notice I’m speaking with the American accent, and I’ve been learning and practicing to speak like an American since last year (here you can check out my very first attempt to speak like an American!)

Over this time I’ve learned a thing or two about proper American pronunciation, and while I’m a foreign English speaker myself, it doesn’t really bother me because I strongly believe that ANY non-native English speaker is capable of sounding like an American provided you put some effort into it ❗

Want to try?

Well, I’ve prepared a few words for you that will immediately make you sound a whole lot more American, and I’m also going to provide a few tricks of the trade to help you pronounce all those words just right.

Now, are we ready to begin?

Then initiate the video playback by clicking on the big arrow in the middle of the video above where I’m going to give you 7 English words that will make you sound more American within a matter of minutes!

Are you interested in improving your English pronunciation and developing your American accent so that it sticks with you forever?

Then check out my American Pronunciation Program Accent Genie HERE!

Thanks for tuning in,

Robby 😉

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  • Liz

    I am US born and raised and I’m enjoying these videos. Watched them with my kids and we’ve been saying the words to see how we compare.

    I would think another good way to explain “totally” would be “toad -el-ly.” I can’t figure out where the hint of the r sound would be– I associate that more with a British accent.

    If I heard you speaking with your American accent, I would probably think you were from the US- but I would not be able to figure out your regional dialect.

    • accentrobby

      Thanks for the comment Liz!

      I really appreciate the fact you’ve been watching my video with your kids – something I would have never imagined anybody would do! 😉

      Speaking of the word ‘totally’ – you’re right, there’s no hint of ‘R’ in it, I did get that one wrong. It’s when a double ‘tt’ occurs like in words “bottle” or “battle” that I feel a slight touch of ‘R’ and would rather describe the flap t in those words as ‘TR’ instead of ‘TD’ which is observed in words like ‘totally’ etc.

      On the finishing note, I have to admit you made me especially excited when you said in your comment you would think I come from the US if you didn’t know about my foreign origin – it means I’ve been doing the right thing during my accent practice sessions! 😉

      Thanks for commenting once more and I hope you’ll stick around my blog in the future as well!



  • Aruna

    It’s an owe some video. Totally clear the accent. Me and my family all watched. Great! Thanks!

    • accentrobby

      Thanks Aruna, I’m glad you and all your family watched the video!

  • Basma

    Thank you Robby, this video is GREAT like ALL your programs.

    • accentrobby

      Thanks a lot for the positive feedback, I’m flattered… 😉 And thanks for the good luck wishes!!

  • Julia

    Thank you, to my mind it’s really a useful video. May I ask you, I’m just wondering, if English is your native language. Then why American accent?

    • accentrobby

      Hi Julia!

      Thanks a lot for your positive feedback, I really appreciate it!

      And no, English isn’t my native lingo, I’m a Latvian by nationality.

      Why American accent?

      Well – you may want to check out this article http://accentadventure.com/love-american-pronunciation/ about all reasons as to why I love American pronunciation!



      • Julia

        Hello Robby! Thanks for answering.
        I’ve just read your article, and I agree with everything said there. Especially I liked reason 5, just completely true!!!
        Btw you say Latvian! hmm..regards from Belarus, neighbor!)

        • accentrobby

          I wholeheartedly agree with you Julia on that the States is the coolest country in the world no matter what they say! ;-))

          And thanks for the greetings from Belarus, I’m sending you my warmest regards from Ireland – the Emerald Isle! ;-)))

          • Julia

            Thank you!) I’m looking forward to seeing your videos and other updates!

  • Lorenzo

    Great Robby! I enjoyed your “lesson”. I dare say that from the seven words two of them -family and work- are “a classic” to practise if one of us foreigners wants to try and assimilate the american pronunciation. Best regards!

    • accentrobby

      Thanks Lorenzo, I really appreciate your positive feedback! Speaking of those two “classic” words – well, I guess it’s hard to re-invent the wheel without resembling a wheel… 😉