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How to Pronounce ‘W’ in English Properly

Among all other English sounds that foreign English speakers may be struggling with such as the letter ‘R’ or the ‘TH’ sound, the letter ‘W’ also takes a special place with plenty of non-native English speakers not being able to get this sound right.

There is, however, a fairly simple mental trick that you can use in order to get this English sound right, and it doesn’t involve hours long practicing while watching into your mouth in the mirror.

All it takes for you to get the ‘W’ sound right is…

Did you really think I was going to reveal this top secret information to you just like that? 😉

You’ve got to watch this video, my friends, to find out how to pronounce the English letter ‘W’ correctly, so please check it out above or alternatively playback the audio file in case you can’t access the video content!



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