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FGC Goal #1: American Phrase #36: GET PAST THE FACT THAT…

Current Goal: Learn 50 American Phrases in 25 Days!

Good evening my foreign English speaking friends! 😀

Tonight I’m doing the 36th phrase in my 50 American Phrase Acquisition Mission, and the phrase in question is: TO GET PAST THE FACT THAT – followed by whatever the context demands.

Some foreign English speakers living abroad, for example, always find it hard to GET PAST THE FACT THAT their English isn’t as fluent as that of native English speakers, and it’s a massive impediment for their professional and social life.

All people aren’t the same, however, and many of our fellow foreigners don’t care too much about how they sound, and eventually they end up improving their fluency naturally – by a way of speaking all the time – and their lack of concern for how they sound is what helps them improve their fluency!

There are always things that some people can’t put up with, however, so the same outgoing person who’s not bothered by making mistakes while speaking with other English speakers mightn’t GET PAST THE FACT THAT they’re lacking in some other aspect of their lives such as having a great relationship or a fit body.

Now, I hope it’s quite clear to you by now that the phrase TO GET PAST THE FACT THATcan be used whenever you want to describe that someone has to come to terms with something; they basically have to accept certain things.

If you want to find out more about this phrase however, please watch the video above ❗

Thanks for visiting my website,


Robby 😉

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  • Hernán

    Great phrase Robby, as always!
    I´m gonna incorporate it to my daily vocabulary…

    Greetings from Madrid