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Is My Intonation Proper for the British Accent?

In this video I’m discussing a particular YouTube video comment I received a short while ago saying that my British accent doesn’t have proper intonation.

Personally I have a slightly different opinion on it, and you may want to watch the entire video to find out what I think about:

  • My foreign background and how close to a native British accent I can get;
  • How I sound when I try really hard to sound like a REAL Englishman (please try not to laugh too hard!)

Thanks for dropping by,


Robby 😉

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  • http://javiervallestero.blogspot.com.es Francisco Javier

    Nice video, Robby. You’re doing well and you definitely sound like (not the same, obviously) a British speaker.

    I agree that intonation has to be improved but that’s only a question of time. You’ll get there!

    • accentrobby

      Thanks for the encouragement Francisco, much appreciated! 😉