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Use “And Um…” Filler Sounds to Sound Like an American English Speaker!

Hello my friends American English fanatics! 😀

Do you want to find out what VERY SIMPLE sounds you can start using in your English conversations in order to sound more American?

Then watch the video above where I’m discussing the use of the word AND and the filler sound UM as well as the combination of both – AND UM…

Some people will say I’m promoting wrong speech practices here, but the simple fact of the matter is that:

  • People will always find themselves in situations when they hesitate (especially considering most folks reading this blog are FOREIGN English speakers)
  • People will always use filler sounds and words in their speech such as WELL, YOU KNOW etc.!

So, is it not better then to do it the right way?

At least if you follow my instructions in the video and use the filler words AND UM… the right way, you’ll definitely sound more like an American English speaker ❗

Any questions or comments – post them in the comments below and I’ll respond to them ASAP!


Robby 😉

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  • Sergio Rodrigues

    How about “you know”. ? Does it have the same effect of “and um..,?

    • accentrobby

      Hi Sergio,

      I would personally use YOU KNOW? to finish off a sentence, whereas AND UM… would be a way of starting a new sentence.

      Having said this, I have to admit that YOU KNOW? can most definitely be used just like AND UM… – to buy more time in between sentences.



  • Julia

    Thanks a lot, Robby! I hope I’ll manage to use this correctly

    • accentrobby

      You’re welcome Julia, and just give it a shot and don’t think too much about what you might say wrong! 😉