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Robby’s 3 Accents: British, American & Russian!

Here’s a short video I decided to record featuring all English accents I can currently speak, and here’s what accents I’ve featured in this video:

1. British accent (RP pronunciation). This is my current accent learning mission which is to be accomplished early next year, and I’m still working on the finer details of it as well as trying to make sure I can speak 100% fluently while putting on this particular accent.

2. General American Pronunciation. This was my first accent learning mission this year, but I’m planning to revisit it within the first few weeks into the New Year because there are a few things I have to improve upon, such as getting the [æ] sound right in certain words.

3. Russian accent. I’m not a native Russian speaker, however, considering that Russian is my second language I don’t have to work too hard trying to resemble a heavy Russian accent.

Of course, I can’t compete with guys doing 25 or even more different English language accents on YouTube, but I will definitely increase the number next year! I’m planning to do 3 more accent learning missions in 2013, so stay tuned guys and make sure to sign up for my mailing list to keep in touch with my accent learning adventures! 😉

Chat soon,


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