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American Pronunciation: “You Don’t Know Jack About!”

Would you like to sound like an American English speaker?

Well, a good start would be to learn a phrase that’s used in American English and also learn the way it’s pronounced, how does that sound to you?

Today we’re going to look at the following American English phrase:

You don’t know jack about!

This is quite an informal phrase and can be used during arguments with people you know quite well, and it simply means “You don’t know anything about…”

I personally picked this phrase up while watching the award-winning TV show Breaking Bad (here you can find more phrases used in Breaking Bad), so you can rest assured this phrase is indeed part of American phraseology and it will come in handy in your own English conversations.

Also, even if you never get to use this phrase in real life, you can still practice and develop your American pronunciation by repeating it all over and over again, so please watch the video above where I’m telling you everything you need to know to get this phrase right!

In the video I’m focusing on the KEY SOUNDS in the phrase which is a crucial part of getting your English pronunciation right, and that’s the kind of attitude you should also adopt.

You see – if you focus on all sounds, it just gets too overwhelming so it’s definitely best you pronounce the entire sentence the way you normally would and just get those specific sounds – D and AE (watch the video to see exactly what I’m talking about here!) – correctly and you’ll see your American pronunciation develop much sooner than if you tried to get every single letter correctly right from the get-go!

And if you’re seriously interested in working on your English pronunciation, you should definitely register for the Accent Genie program HERE so that you can develop your American pronunciation to a decent level.

Any questions – just post them in the comments section below!



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