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American English Pronunciation: “We’re Partners, Remember?”

In today’s Accent Adventure video (or in case you can’t watch the video – simply use the audio file just above the video!) we’re going to look at how to pronounce the following American English phrase:

“We’re partners, remember?”

Well, it’s not as if this would be a very common phrase that made me choose it as a focus for today’s video.

It’s because of the multiple ‘R’ sounds that this phrase is very useful for those foreign English speakers who want to sound like Americans and are eager to train their accent.

So, just watch the video above and follow my instructions – and you’ll find out all the following:

  • Why the American ‘R’ sound is to be perceived as a vowel rather than a consonant and why it helps with your American pronunciation;
  • How to pronounce the word “partners” and what’s so special about the ‘R’ sound in this particular word;
  • Also – you’ll find out about the TV program this phrase was taken from!

Are you eager to do some American English practicing?

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