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Received Pronunciation Practice by Reading – Video #2

Here’s my second attempt to read with the Received Pronunciation – please watch the video above to hear how I sound this time around!

Of course, I’m still light years away from being a fluent British English speaker, but I’m not despaired at the slightest. I’m fully aware that PRACTICE IS WHAT MAKES ONE PERFECT, so I just have to stick with my reading practice till I’m ready to move on and start speaking!

If you watched my previous video and read the article, you’ll remember that I noticed 2 problems while reading – I completely changed my voice, and I was speaking very quietly.

This time I was trying to be more myself, and I hope that I succeeded at least at that – even if my Received Pronunciation mightn’t have improved that much.

So let me know what you think in the comments below, and in the meantime I’ll just stick with my daily practice.

Chat soon!

Robby 😉

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