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American Accent Update – Still Well and Going Strong!

I’m in the middle of my Received Pronunciation learning mission – but it doesn’t deter me from practicing my General American Pronunciation!

To be honest with you guys – the American Accent has actually become my standard accent, and while some time ago I was a little bit ashamed of sounding like one, now I simply can’t help but sound like an American English speaker!

Obviously all those long hours of self-practice have done the trick and slowly but steadily my standard East-European accent has made a transition into a permanent General American Pronunciation based accent.

Please note that I said “General American Pronunciation BASED accent”! I did it to emphasize the fact that I don’t sound EXACTLY as a native English speaker. And I probably never will, for the simple reason that once you’re a foreigner, you’re always a foreigner. You can try to sound just like a native English speaker all you like, but your native accent will still be there at some degree.

But I’m totally fine with that because I never embarked on my accent learning missions in order to achieve 100% native English accent and pronunciation. It would be a mission impossible, and while it provides me with a standard to aim for, it’s still something so unattainable that I’m just trying to do my best and I’m happy with the results I’ve been able to achieve!

I’ll let you be the judge of it however, so watch the video above to hear my American English and don’t hesitate to post comments below – all kinds of opinion is welcome!

Chat soon,

Robby 😉

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