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See How I’m Practicing My American Pronunciation Using Accent Genie!

Howdy ho!

Are you a non-native English speaker?

I am too! 😀

Do you aspire to sound like an American English speaker?

If you do, then we’ve clearly got something in common because I’ve been learning the General American Pronunciation with good results for more than a year now, and you may definitely want to check out the video above where I’m doing an accent learning lesson from the Accent Genie Program which is a pretty unique foreign accent reduction video course aimed at foreigners just like YOU ❗

So, without a further ado, let’s just watch the video and if you have any questions thereafter, please don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below.

And by the way – I have an extensive Accent Genie Frequently Asked Questions section HERE so you may want to check it out first to see if you can find the answer to your question there.

Thanks for tuning in,

Robby 😉

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  • hải anh

    i really like your accent. i wish i can do like you. can you talk to me first step to possess a perfect accent?

    • accentrobby


      First step – you have to start practicing your target accent on a daily basis. Best way to do it – MIMIC native English speakers by listening to TV programs/watching YouTube videos and trying to replicate their speech while at the same time focusing on the target sounds.

      To find out what those sounds are, please grab the eBook on the top right-hand sidebar where I’ve described in the very details which are the most important American and British sounds to focus upon when you’re doing your self-practice.

      By far the most efficient way, of course, would be to do Accent Genie lessons – you may want to check out more details about the program here: http://accentgenie.com/