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Revisiting my British Accent (Received Pronunciation): Video #1

Hi boys and girls! 😀

Today I started doing some serious British accent spoken English self-practice while driving to work, and it’s all done with one end-goal in mind: to spruce up my Received Pronunciation and make it more native-like ❗

I kept speaking with myself with the British accent even while at work for the first hour simply because I was all on my own, and towards the end of that hour I felt quite confident in terms of being able to speak fluently with my target accent.

You see, the biggest problem I’ve always had is being able to change from speaking with my standard accent into speaking with my target accent, and sometimes it may take quite some time.

Also, considering I hadn’t been practicing my British accent for a longer period of time, it’s only common sense that my pronunciation would have gotten a bit rusty, so I’m not really bothered by that!

As always, I’m looking forward to achieving new goals and improving my accent to an even greater degree, and such small setbacks can’t possibly hold be back.

I’m motivated.

I’m driven.

And I’m going to enjoy every step of the way while revisiting my British accent!

Chat soon,

Robby 😉

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