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Received Pronunciation Mission Starts NOW!

I’m finally ready to embark upon the next accent learning mission, and this time around it’s going to be Received Pronunciation ❗

Received Pronunciation is English spoken in the South of England, and it can also be called the General British Pronunciation because this particular accent is the typical British accent we can hear in British broadcasting, politics and of course – the Royal family!

So basically it’s the British equivalent of the General American Pronunciation, and it’s the most logical choice for my second accent learning mission. I tackled the American English first, so now it’s turn to master its British counterpart because the two versions of pronunciation – British and American – are always compared as the two main English accents.

And I can’t argue with that! While there are other English accents spoken by very large groups of people – arguably even more numerous than the population of British Isles and the States combined, at least historically Great Britain and the US are the two major superpowers and their English pronunciation has given birth to the rest of accents.

Anyway, please watch the above video to see how exactly I’m going to learn the Received Pronunciation!

Also, you’ll find out my personal stance in relation to accent and pronunciation issues and general English fluency issues – such as making mistakes when speaking and similar.

I hope you’ll enjoy following my Received Pronunciation learning mission, and talk to you soon my friends!

Robby 😉

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