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British Accent Becomes my Second Nature a Month into the Mission!

The most anticipated moment during my Accent Learning Missions is when the accent becomes my second nature, and that’s exactly what happened today!

No longer I need to pay close attention to HOW I pronounce words with the British accent.

No longer I need to split my attention between WHAT I’m going to say and HOW I’m going to say it.

I can simply say whatever I want to say and it comes out of my mouth with the British accent ❗

The feeling is incredible, and I can attribute my success to regular spoken English practicing sessions more than anything else. No matter how well I could pronounce individual words in the early stages of the Received Pronunciation Accent Learning Mission, I couldn’t maintain fluent and coherent speech. I had to speak slowly to make sure I pronounce words according to the British accent guidelines – silent ‘r’s, rounded ‘o’s and so on.

Only after more than a month long constant speech drills I’ve finally made the transition into a fluent speech, and it just goes to show that accent acquisition doesn’t happen overnight.

You can’t expect to SPEAK with a particular accent just because you can pronounce individual words or a couple of phrases properly, there’s more to it than just that.

You have to PRACTICE regularly in order to make your target accent your second nature, and I’m guessing that many people think they’re no good at accents simply because they haven’t tried to speak with their chosen accent hard enough and long enough.

Chat soon,

Robby 😉

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